AVX Introduces Miniature AC Varistor

Recently, AVX released the Automotive TransGuard® Series to kick off a campaign of new products that offer solutions to meet the specific needs of our automotive customers. Subsequent new product introductions included High Temperature Automotive TransGuard®, Controlled Capacitance Automotive TransGuard®, and High Temperature Radial Leaded Automotive TransGuard®. Now they introduce the newest release in this automotive series, Miniature AC Varistor (MAV).

Miniature AC Varistors are designed for use in low power AC circuit protection. The low loss and ability to clamp large amounts of transients in a bi-directional manner make the MAV an ideal solution for LC resonant circuits intended for signal and power transfer, AC sampling circuitry, transformer secondaries and GFI modules. And, the MAV TransGuard® offers a compact footprint and low leakage specification compared to the competition.

Features & Benefits:

110V Pk-Pk @ 125kHz capability

Compact size, 0603 single element and 0405 dual element

25kV contact ESD rating

AEC Q200 qualified

RoHS compliant


AVX Releases NEW MLOC 0603 Series

AVX announces the release of the new MLOC series of RF Capacitors.

Key Features & Benefits:

0603 Size


High – Q

0.1 pF to 2.5 pF

NPO Characteristic

Based on its patented multilayer low loss organic (MLO) technology. These new capacitors represent a paradigm shift from traditional ceramic and thin film passive SMD components. Copper Organic Capacitors (COCs) are polymer based capacitors that use high conductivity copper interconnects in a multilayer fashion. The ability to fabricate these components on large area substrates and state of the art laser direct imaging allow for improved cost benefits and tolerance control. The end result is a state of the art low ESR and high SRF low profile RF capacitor that can support frequencies well above one GHz. Additionally, COCs are expansion matched to printed circuit boards to allow for improved reliability. Watch for more new releases in this MLOC Series.

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